Virtual Choir 4: Bliss

Mission Bay, CA

Mission Bay, CA                                                                                                             Copyright 2013 MDMikus

I am greatly interested in the way creativity prompts and inspires further creative expression. I think we need more of that. Virtual Choir 3 and 4 (and Eric Whitacre, of course) inspired many poems for me. See links below for previous VC related posts.

In the last year I have lost five people in my immediate circle, including my Mom, whom I was very close to, and my youngest brother. In addition, my dear youngest sister is struggling with stage 4 breast cancer. (Now all four of us girls in my family have had cancer.) The year before both my in-laws died. So I am deeply grieving, trying to work through and process and let go and remember and listen to my inner voice and still take care of my health. For me, singing in VC 4: Bliss was filled with challenges and also huge gifts.

I was driving and began thinking about the many reasons I felt so compelled to sing in Virtual Choir 4 and the phrase “5 minute respite” came to mind. Since I am a poet I have a notebook in the car. I pulled over and followed that thought. The poem below is the result. (5 minutes refers to the approximate time it takes to sing the choir part of VC 4: Bliss once through.)


5 Minute Respite
(VC 4: Bliss)

To sing perchance to dream
when anything is possible
where irretrievable losses
can be restored and
hope refreshed

Melding what is best in each
welding strength to strength
assembled from
determined persistence
to overcome any barriers

Envisioned by the one
encouraged by the team
the whole more
strongly beautiful and real
than any sticky web

of pervasive grief.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2013

Note: Definition of respite (pronounced ‘respit) in the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 1) a period of temporary delay, 2) an interval of rest or relief.

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More VC poems to come. What has inspired you lately? What did you do about it?

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Choir 4: Bliss

  1. Karen DePaul

    If singing in the virtual choir has inspired you to do this writing, can you imagine how many of the other thousands/millions of other participants might have been and are being affected? How interesting it would be to know some of their feelings and stories. Have you been in contact with any of them?

    Your introduction to the poem described perfectly the complete meaning of the poem – or maybe not – maybe there’s more. In just a few words though, you clearly described some of your thoughts and feelings.

    Very thought provoking.

  2. Margaret Dubay Mikus Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Karen…and for reading! Yes, I have been inspired by many of the stories of other Virtual Choir singers. An online community has grown up on Facebook and a Forum on We support each other in many ways, encouragement to keep going through myriad challenges, tech support, and emotional support. In many ways a big world-wide family. I have posted before about being inspired by their stories, but this is the first poem about VC 4 that I put up here. More to come! What has inspired you lately?

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