"It's the story of loving and letting go, the bittersweet feeling all parents feel, all people feel when our cherished ones start to move on. I found the poems to be beautiful and timely--mirroring the transition I find myself in now--letting go, new beginnings. I also love how the imagery of the photographs expresses and complements the intentions of the poems."
-Karen Gottlieb

“I highly recommend this book not just to any parent who is at a point where they have to let go of their children, but to all sensitive readers who are working on letting go in any way.”
-Pramod Uday

"I finally got a chance to finish reading your book, 'Letting Go and New Beginnings.' I must say, 'wow!' well done. I found it very reflective and takes some of us back on our own journey, yet inspirational for those about to embark on the journey. There was a section 'to my daughter' that I clipped for my daughter to read. I also found myself laughing out loud as I read some parts. Well done!"
-Lena Dobbs-Johnson