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TRANSCENDING BOUNDARIES: Inspired by Eric Whitacre and Virtual Choir

These reflective poems of inclusiveness and love act as an antidote to divisiveness and fear. Who should read this? Anyone who has ever felt the power of music (or any art) to move us: listeners, singers, musicians, and of course, those who are part of Virtual Choir. Transcending Boundaries allows you to experience optimism, generosity, playfulness, kindness, and beauty, celebrating the embracing, open-hearted, richness of being human.

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I AM WILLING: An Aid to Writing for Personal Revelation

To support writing for healing and personal growth, I created this lovely guided journal based on my poem, “I Am Willing.” This volume is for you to write, expressing and exploring your dreams and challenges, your hopes and fears. Ideal to use on your own or in a group setting, it also makes a thoughtful gift for someone in the midst of life changes. A stanza of the poem tops each writing page with ample space for reflections and revelations. You may begin at the beginning of the poem, or open to any line that speaks to you. Make this book your own. Now begin…

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THROWN AGAIN INTO THE FRAZZLE MACHINE: Poems of Grace, Hope, and Healing

“...Margaret Dubay Mikus demonstrates to all of us the healing power of becoming a witness to your life. She uses her...poetry to express how she maneuvered through the complex emotions and challenging physical conditions she faced…providing inspiration for anyone in need of hope.”
-Roberta Leenhouts RN

“…made me cry, made me laugh…”
-Crystal Simmons LMT

“…incredible opportunity for one to…somehow find or express the feelings they are unable to express in words…”
-Kip Snyder, voice teacher

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"It's the story of loving and letting go, the bittersweet feeling all parents feel, all people feel when our cherished ones start to move on. I found the poems to be beautiful and timely--mirroring the transition I find myself in now--letting go, new beginnings. I also love how the imagery of the photographs expresses and complements the intentions of the poems."
-Karen Gottlieb

“I highly recommend this book not just to any parent who is at a point where they have to let go of their children, but to all sensitive readers who are working on letting go in any way.”
-Pramod Uday

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AS EASY AS BREATHING: Reclaiming Power for Healing and Transformation—Poems, Letters and Inner Listening

"Beautiful book full of the poetry of life."
-Bernie Siegel M.D.

"true forms of prayer…these poems are truly beautiful and inspiring"
-Rev. Ron Roth

"wonderful, magical, moving, humorous and inspiring journey"
-Belleruth Naparstek

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Better and Better

Prayer of Lovingkindness

Fifty-six poems from her first two books, read in her expressive, evocative voice. Includes three original songs. 55:09 minutes

FULL BLOOMING: Selections from a Poetic Journal

"Bravo! Beautiful CD…loved the three songs!"
-Sandi L.

"A perfect guide into a place of open mind and heart!"
-Zoe Mulford, singer/songwriter

"Soothing, nourishing, and healing"
-Jean M.

"I listen as I am driving. Each time I find something new."
-Judy S.

"WOW, the CD is absolutely inspiring and your voice is so calm and comforting….should be sold in all cancer support groups. I will be ordering it for some of my friends."
-Lena D.J.

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