FULL BLOOMING: Selections from a Poetic Journal

Fifty-six poems from her first two books, read in her expressive, evocative voice. Includes three original songs. 55:09 minutes

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"Bravo! Beautiful CD…loved the three songs!"
-Sandi L.

"A perfect guide into a place of open mind and heart!"
-Zoe Mulford, singer/songwriter

"Soothing, nourishing, and healing"
-Jean M.

"I listen as I am driving. Each time I find something new."
-Judy S.

"WOW, the CD is absolutely inspiring and your voice is so calm and comforting….should be sold in all cancer support groups. I will be ordering it for some of my friends."
-Lena D.J.

"The enchanting quality of Margaret's voice is so full of that rare elusive quality, what one might dub muliebrity.... when you listen to [her poems] in her own voice, the full sincerity and warmth of her words easily seep into the cocles of your heart. Suffice it to say that listening to this CD is like a deep relaxing session of meditation. You will find your fatigue and stress has been removed and that your soul has been nourished and replenished from within."
-Pramod Uday, spiritual teacher from India

"Your voice is magnificent! [Your CD] is wonderful! I ordered it online. My sister was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with breast cancer and I am going to listen to it with her."
-Frani R., healer

"It will touch many." "Awesome." " Wonderful."
-Mary D.

"Thanks so much for the poem. I am honored. I listen to your CD in the car on long drives. It keeps me peaceful, especially in this weather. Thanks so much."
-David Buskin, singer/songwriter

"I've been listening to your CD and enjoying it so very much! Thank you, you're an inspiration!"
-Anne Hills, singer/songwriter

"I just ordered some copies of your CD. I will tell [my breast cancer writing] group about your CD and book too."
-Sharon M.