Since 1995, I’ve read my poems, sung my songs, told healing stories, and taught workshops at many wonderful places. Perhaps you were there! I was awed and moved by the heart energy, courage, and generosity of all. I am most grateful to have connected with incredible people working on healing and making positive life changes, while doing work I love. For locations…

I am also thankful for the opportunity to have sung and read my poetry at weddings, funerals, and healing services. From the beginning, I have given countless individual readings of my poems especially those I wrote for someone.


Over the years many people have written to me. Their support got me through dark times, encouraging me to continue writing when I felt like giving up. I am most grateful!

“Beautiful book full of the poetry of life.” Bernie Siegel. M.D.

“I am touched by this tribute [the poem, ‘After Lisel Mueller’] and yes, it echoes my spirit, but in a way that is uniquely yours. It is a very beautiful poem and I shall treasure it.” Lisel Mueller, poet

“I believe these poems are truly beautiful and inspiring.” Rev. Ron Roth

“Thank you so much for sharing your breast cancer journey with us….Your honesty and positive attitude will go far in helping members of the audience on their own personal journey….And the poetry, so relevant and supportive.” Gretchen and Patsy, Cancer Wellness Center

“Her poetry and art work are extraordinary.” Belleruth Naparstek (on www.healthjourneys.com)

“I absolutely, completely and totally love the poem inspired by my podcast! Thank you so much Margaret! You just made my day.” Pramod Uday, spiritual teacher

“Thank you for your beautiful book. Congratulations!” “Gorgeous poetry” Judith Orloff, M.D.

“I love the poem [Creation of Water Night]“…you always amaze me with the way you capture a moment, a time. Love ‘The Lotus bud tightly closed/ opened its lush velvet petals/ revealing the inner gold’ Wow! And ‘the patient tendrils effortlessly/ envelope and transform/ the ever-expanding whole’
Wow! Wow! Wow!” 
MaryAnn Myers, author

“Thank you for helping [my friend] with your poem to her. This is helping her to tell her story in a new and hope-filled way. I would very much like to have a box of your beautiful cards.” Kathleen C.

“Loved every second of your gift [CD], Margaret. It was an uplifting meditation and should be in everyone’s library who is fighting to live. We are on the same page aren’t we. Thank you so much.” Rosalee Peppard, singer-songwriter

“I’m glad I had a chance to attend your workshop this weekend. It was a very moving experience…I feel empowered to make some changes in my life.” Patricia D.

“Your poems remind me to really feel all the emotions, as I live love in this moment.” Christian B., writer

“Having recently lost my mother to cancer, I…know what you mean when you say you experienced a time of ‘profound personal transformation.’ The cards are beautiful and spiritually uplifting.” Marie L.L.

“I received As Easy as Breathing as a gift. What a treasure!…I will read and re-read it for many years to come. Thank you for your insight.” Linda W.

“I am a Lutheran minister who was given a photocopy of your poem ‘Cancer Can Give [You]’ by a member who died of breast cancer. The poem was read at her memorial service.” Dennis H.K.

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