A Portrait of Eric Whitacre

A poem inspired by Eric Whitacre, (and Virtual Choir). Last year, I wrote a lot about my experience taking the leap of faith with VC 3: Water Night, the worldwide connection, the confidence building. The experience expanded for me this year with VC 4: Bliss, now being assembled, to premier before Queen Elizabeth on July 11. I have never met Eric Whitacre, but I have listened to many interviews, read his blog and Facebook posts, soaked in his music. This poem is what I see, a word portrait of the man behind the curtain, as it were. Try reading it aloud.


Portrait of Eric Whitacre

He is a man
a man on a journey
a man with a gift on a path
he chose to follow.
To heed the call at some point
to deliver and not question
or question and do anyway
trusting he will be enough
or if not trusting entirely
willing to do what is asked.
All reflections mirror back to him
as he stays true to the core
willing to feel.
Grateful, thoughtful, honest, humble even
as far as can be seen from outside
and as consistent
as one might wish.
He is human.

How do you want to be
how do you want to be remembered?
(that is immortality).
To be a conduit
to let the music be what it is
without artifice
without artificiality.
To be influenced and let
it all stew in the melting pot, trusting.
A magnet for alignment
using modern tools to gather together
and stepping out of the way
to let it become connection.
Riding the wave
in evident contagious enjoyment.

Not unchanged by success
but still growing, still expanding
still the same central values
daring, risking everything
for the one thing.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2012

Who inspires you? Did you ever tell them? How do you want to be remembered?

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5 thoughts on “A Portrait of Eric Whitacre

  1. Margaret Dubay Mikus Post author

    Eric Whitacre left this comment about the poem on Facebook: ” This is so special to me, Margaret. Your words and writing are beautiful, pure. Thank you.”

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