Release of “Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine”

I just early-released my new book, Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine: Poems of Grace, Hope and Healing. I realized that many people – with a Kindle or the free Kindle app, for example – would not be able to access it at all until November. So at midnight, I let my heartfelt book fly out into the wide world! Thank you to those who did pre-order. I am most grateful! You should get access to the book sooner.

May these poems be a lifeboat, offering comfort, healing, inspiration, and hope. Although telling a personal story, aspects might express something you want to say or help someone you care about. I should tell you it has a happy ending as I came through what seemed like a long black tunnel, “the only way out, is through….”

Includes 11 interior color photos plus the cover.


Another poem from the book:


Shadow Healing
James Keelaghan at Folkstage

What part of me
is overflowing

What part is a
river dammed up

What part of me
longs for release

What part is tears
flowing unbidden

What part is unkind
or uncertain

I’m only saying
trying to decode a language
spoken in symptoms

trying to heal what
has arisen.

What part of me
is unbending

What part needs
immediate release

What is becalmed
stilled, expressionless

What is inflamed or angry
deserving to be heard

What is in shadow
unforgiven, denied

What part is unloved
buried deep, pushed aside

What is impatient, impotent
small, voiceless

worthy of healing
worthy of being part

of the perfect again-
welcome whole.

What part of me is
weakness unacknowledged

What part is unwilling to rest
and restlessness

What part of me is
tears un-shed and
fears hidden and
words bitten back

What have I walled off
what am I pregnant with

What desperate pleas
have gone unanswered

What part of me is
warring against another

What is revealed
comes up for air

what comes up
light shines upon it

what has light
has hope and promise

anything is possible
anything is possible to heal.

Don’t give up
anything is possible.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2010

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