This Space of Grace blog is moving soon to a new home, integrated into my newly designed website, All the same posts will be there in the archives and I will be writing more than ever. I am grateful to blogger for this time of connection (since 2009) and I trust I will see you all (and hear from you too) at the new location. You will be automatically transferred, you won’t miss anything so no worries. Thank you to all my readers and to those whose comments encouraged me to keep writing.

Recently I have been researching family history online. Many reasons why this is the time to do it. Questions to answer like: is what I remember actually true? Here is a new poem:

Peony by the Driveway, 2012          Copyright MDMikus

Peony by the Driveway, 2012 Copyright MDMikus


Photo Albums

My mother, one year maybe in the ‘70’s,
took the time to gather all the family photos
and for each of her 7 children made a life story

with bits of baby hair, maybe a curl from the first haircut,
and the tiny beaded wristlet from the maternity hospital
with DUBAY and a blue medal of the Blessed Mother.

Baby pics, posed and natural,
some of us looking so similar, had to tell who was who
by the year on the back or other cues.

And inside the front cover an envelope of negatives
was taped to later make some prints.
In mine, a copy of an old letter from my Grandma Schulte

with news to reassure her daughter, my Mom,
that my brother and I were alright staying with her.
She wrote our daily schedule including snacks and naps,

a newsy description of our interests,
her frequent concern for my hair to stay out of my eyes—
the solution: to give me a permanent.

The love X 7 poured into each album,
her lasting gift, I opened today
and found how close or far off was memory,

how radiantly beautiful
was my mother.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2013

Mom and Me in 2009                      Copyright MDMikus

Mom and Me in 2009 Copyright MDMikus

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5 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Mary Anne Cukr

    Very nice, Margaret. Nice picture of you and your Mom. Mom’s are so very special….
    I like the new website…still reading.

    1. Margaret

      Thanks, MA! I miss her a lot, especially as we near Mother’s Day. I recently found notes she made when she proofread my second book. So cool to see her handwriting. Always supporting…

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