Seasonal Smile: Christmas Cricket


Shell Angel from Barbara– Photo by MDMikus Copyright 2009

In 1996, at this time of year, I had just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. Surgery was behind me and radiation treatments were ahead. Our small family of four was trying to have a “normal’ Christmas. We put up the tree and decorations, wrapped presents for our two young kids. My husband made the traditional turkey dinner. In the flurry of activity (and some haze of chemo fog on my part) came this poem (based on a true story): To hear me read it    (Track 19 on my CD, Full Blooming)

Christmas Cricket

Just when I thought
nothing could shake me,
a cooked cricket
showed up on our Christmas turkey,

not crispy, but thoroughly well done,
black body sprawled across a browned thigh.

Awakened by the warmth of the oven
from winter hibernation
in a dark, safe place—the roaster,

it began the final journey
in ever increasing heat
and then succumbed,
at least where we could see

before taking a crunchy bite.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 1996

On my CD, Full Blooming
(Listen to poem)

From my book, As Easy as Breathing
(Eric Hoffer Award Honorable mention
in Self-help/ Spiritual)

Joy Angel from Barbara Copyright MDMikus 2009

Joy Angel from Barbara– Photo by MDMikus, Copyright 2009



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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Smile: Christmas Cricket

  1. Midge Heurich

    Oh Margaret…you made me smile…and I can see the little guy there. In my house they find their way into the stored bowl of the ice cream maker, the less frequently used electric fry pan, and the turkey roaster….

    1. Margaret Dubay Mikus

      Thanks for commenting, Midge! So glad you got a smile! And yes, our roaster is also only used at holidays…so usually safe…from the critter point of view.

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