Sarah Horn Sings with Kristin Chenoweth

I was moved by this powerful and spontaneous performance by young singer and voice teacher, Sarah Horn, on August 23, 2013, who was called up onstage to sing with Kristin Chenoweth. The original duet was posted on the internet and quickly went viral (3.5 million views as of Sept 8), obviously resonating with many people. Watch here. (This version is three videos later edited together).  Follow up article.

I intended to post the poem inspired by this back in August, when everyone was paying attention, but life swept me along. In working on my next book I was reviewing past poems, and this poem came back to me. So here it is: An inspiring example of what can happen if we are ready and say yes…to life. And inspiration leads to creation…and on and on…. What has inspired you lately?


Sarah Horn Sings with Kristin Chenoweth
(before 10,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl)

When stars align
and impossible piles on
impossible and then
you are called,

and when you are ready,
if you are brave enough and trust,
you say yes
and step up even

if heart is pounding
and knees give way
a little. You say yes
because you are in

the right place and time
to speak, to sing
for everyone. And
everyone’s heart opens some.

And you are seen
and heard and known
and for that bit at least
you are aligned with the stars

and life shifts
not just for you
but all around

and that is the gift.
What you do with what has been given,
what you do with the possibility of new direction,

what you say to the clamoring,
holding what you love close and releasing,
how you thrive without armor…and sing,

remembering who you are,
that is up to you, dear one
now and evermore.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2013

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Horn Sings with Kristin Chenoweth

  1. Margaret Dubay Mikus

    Thank you so much, Sarah! So glad you read and resonated. I wish I could sing like you! (We each have our gifts.) Good luck with your upcoming concert!

  2. Marsha Browne

    Margaret, that poem is wonderful. Every word just resonates with universal truth.

    This is what happens when art, creativity and a willingness to (as you eloquently say) open the heart converge.

    Thank you for adding yours into the mix.

    1. Margaret Dubay Mikus

      Thank you, Marsha! For your kind comment, taking the time to read, and your FB post which prompted me to join the conversation. The creative circle continues…

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