“New Hole” from “Frazzle”

I am stubborn, persistent, and determined and that can work for me or against me. My choice. In the case of medical issues, sometimes I don’t see the choice. I feel like I’m stuck and have to keep on, and yet… there’s always some kind of help I’m not seeing. My attitude about the whole thing is something I can choose. I know that deep insights and clarity (and poems) often come to me through health problems, from multiple sclerosis to cancer, hernias to kidney stones, heart failure to extreme allergic reaction to poison ivy, depression to panic attacks, I’ve learned I can heal from most anything. We are all fabulous healers, though the form of that healing may not be what we expected. Think back to every scrape and bruise since babyhood. All gone, the body-mind-spirit is wondrous! I forget, and then I am reminded. I’ve also developed skills to support this healing (or at least get out of my own way). A daily energy balancing practice is one of them, reducing stress and remembering to breathe deeply. I consciously clear away emotional debris from each day, in kindness to myself—on the good days. How about you?

So here is Poem 7 from Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine:   https://youtu.be/L5fGv8RKrY0

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