Life Lesson

Hotel in the Desert (c) Margaret Dubay Mikus 2009

This poem is a recurring lesson for me. I see so much need all around: family, friends, the world. And I have learned a lot that can be helpful to lessen pain and suffering, to heal. But I have to remember that we are each here to learn our own lessons and no one can know what is best for another. And I have to remember to take care of myself, which is a big enough challenge. And from that self-care will come the energy and insight to be present with others as they also face life struggles. Or to laugh together in times of joy.


My Lesson

If I take on your pain
but do not get with it
the tools to work it through—

the tools you have been given
as this is your lesson—
then all I get is grief

and all you get is numb,
temporarily. Brace for
the next onslaught

perhaps even worse.
But if I leave you
your pain, no matter

how deep and bitter,
and sit with you in the dark,
holding your hand in hope,

perhaps speaking in a soft,
reassuring voice, or sitting
in rich silence,

then you may discover
the tools you were given,
buried deep or resting in your palm

and you may recover
your power to heal,
yes…even from this.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2006

New Mexico Sunset (c) Margaret Dubay Mikus 2009

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2 thoughts on “Life Lesson

  1. Anne Schneider

    Dearest Margaret, This is such a sacred lesson for all of us! As a Reiki Master I remind myself of it daily…I am called to be a healer and that means allowing Universal Energy to bring about healing in the perfect timing – and it means I don't get in its way by trying to direct or force healing on myself or others. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful insights through poetry.
    Love, Anne

  2. Margaret

    Thank you so much for your comment, Anne! I also continue making available for others (and myself) energy work in various forms (including poetry). It helps me to not feel helpless. And then I have to let it go afterwards…and let it be. Or if someone is not interested, let it go. Or if I am too drained, let it go. Thanks again. I trust all is well.

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