Happy Winter

Flowers from Stella                (C) 2011 Margaret Dubay Mikus

Flowers from Stella (C) 2011 Margaret Dubay Mikus

Happy New Year! Happy Winter! Record lack of snow for Chicago. And very mild temperatures. Also very late for a first snowfall.Coming Soon! My blog will be an integral part of my newly re-designed website. Last days to see the current version of www.Fullblooming.com. All previous blog posts and comments will be transferred over to the new site. Still working on the final pieces of the new design. I have learned a lot. I am so excited to share the new site with you! Soon…

Here is my final poem of 2012. I have now been walking or biking (inside) 4 to 5 times a week for 5 1/2 weeks. More of my healthy plan to get back some strength and fitness. It has been hard, but feels good too. On my walks poems have been coming to me about the block I walk on. This is the most recent one.


Past Dusk Walk

First Snowfall

on staying upright.

No frozen dog tracks
no shiny new cyclone fence

enclosing a house yet un-built.
No large lit white brick house

impressive with white twinkling lights
two massive paneled white wood doors

with two big plumed wreaths and bows.
Stop to look up at

three honking geese in a line flying east.
No visible sunset turning sky to rose

just gray clouds turning to darker gray
turning to night black.

No blue and green, red and yellow
lights reflecting in the re-freezing snow-melt.

Concentrate on staying upright
walking home on into the night.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2012

Deer in Backyard                        (C) 2012 Margaret Dubay Mikus

Deer in Backyard (C) 2012 Margaret Dubay Mikus

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