From the Sky–Journey to New Mexico

For some reason, I cannot copy-paste text from a Word document into this blog (though that is what I did for the first 21 posts!). This makes it harder to put my poems here–tough to re-write everything. “It” will allow me to insert photos (thus the previous mask photos from a mask-making workshop at my first International Women’s Writing Guild conference at Skidmore College–and yes, that is my face).

So here are some pics from a trip to New Mexico last week. This combined business and vacation for my husband, but in my life there are no boundaries between “work” and “the rest.” I can write and take photos anywhere and to a high degree I am my healed self everywhere I go. It all flows together. The good thing is that I am enriched by it all. The hard thing is that with no boundaries it can be easy to get over-stimulated and over-extended, with insufficient rest.

These are two photos from the plane. (I always try to get a window seat.) On this trip I was struck by the awesome variety of clouds, some of which moved in fast layers over the others or some seemed to be planted in rows like seeds in a furrow or might part to reveal patterns on the earth below. More to come.

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2 thoughts on “From the Sky–Journey to New Mexico

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Margaret,
    Beautiful photos. Appreciation of what is in our world is so important. In the rush of what we call our “life” we sometimes overlook the awe of it all. I didn't know you and Stephen went to New Mexico again, but hey, if work calls what a nice place to go. I was a bit confused by the “mask” post…makes sense now. Maybe your “blog” has its own personality and has decided to be a bit “moody”!! Miss you

    Mary Anne…..sorry this is written as anonymous but I forget my password and all that stuff….

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