Coping in These Crazy Times: A New Poem

Life Lesson

Night Ladder, Albuquerque, NM. Copyright 2012 by MD Mikus.

I suspect you are like me, at least a little bit, and perhaps you have some anxiety about what is going on in the world, in our country (USA) right now, and where things seem to be headed. I try to remember that transitions are always messy—both personal and cultural. And right now a lot of truth is being revealed. All this is essential for healing, and ultimately for positive change. But I am risk averse, I struggle with change, even of the potentially positive kind. Stress levels have risen and the election is still not over. For weeks I have been sick with a respiratory virus that went into lingering bronchitis. Nothing to be done, but stay the course. Every day I try to do something productive. Yesterday I took my blood pressure and it was elevated and I realized there were a number of possible causes. And this poem popped out. Perhaps it will help you as it helped me.


Rising Blood Pressure
as an Indicator

Our collective blood pressure
has risen as we simmer
in a toxic stew
as we see or hear even
without wanting or meaning to
of the worst in us without
regard to all the rest until
it seems beauty and generosity
has been banished
But no
do not fall into that trap
of believing how it seems
is how it is
Step back
OK, one more breath
one good thing
that happened today
or happened to you once
when your heart expanded
for a moment or
you were deep-down warmed
Hold this thought
as antidote
a touchstone to go to when
you almost tumble down that cliff
when you almost lose yourself.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2016

Thank you to Kip and Crystal for listening to this poem and encouraging me to get it out there. What good is it sitting in my files?

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