Being More Fully Yourself

Ruffled Peony (C) 2012 MDMikus

A brand new poem—from a lot of stuff swirling around in my head and then coming together. Eric, you have heard me write about: Eric Whitacre, the composer and conductor, Prada I will be talking more about, I was her Spark mentor this spring, Crystal is my friend and amazing massage therapist. For a while I have gotten away from this blog, but not from writing. Time to share more, so here we are. What are you doing to be more fully yourself today?


From Eric, Prada, Crystal, and Others

To be fully
to hit that
moving target
keep going
keep growing
keep glowing,
to remain essential
yet expansive
inviting others in
but unconcerned.
Who are you,
why are you here?
Not to dwell on
the obvious
but what are you
good at
what calls you
or heals you?
What fills you
with almost unbearable

Do that
Be that
Don’t settle

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2012

Waiting for the El train, Chicago (C) 2012 MDMikus

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