All Together: Virtual Choir 4

One of the fun things about Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise (by Eric Whitacre) was finding myself in the crowd of 5905 singers after the video came out in July. Last year, for VC 3 I was not able to see myself, which was fine, the music swept me away anyway. But this year, naturally I wondered if I would be there. I had submitted 3 videos (alto 2, tenor 1, tenor 2). Would that increase my chances? (Note: best to watch the HD version of the video if you can, full screen. Crank up the sound…just sayin’.)

I was lucky this time. I was in a relatively prominent place and found one of my videos, with even a smile while singing. Elisabeth Maria Smith, a VC4 member from Chicago, did an amazing thing: put together an album of over 800 screen shots to help singers find themselves. Thank you Elisabeth for sending me the HD version of the screen shot below. Each time I listen and watch Fly to Paradise, I am greatly moved and proud of us, and see different things in the graphics. It took a huge number of people to make this happen (the credits are longer than the song!).

I knew the video had an impact on me, but I had not anticipated the emotional effect of searching through all the faces (from 101 countries!). No sound to “distract” me. Looking intently at each face in the screen shots. Just the power of all of us together, from all over, connected in some profound and transforming way. Thank you Elisabeth! Of course a poem came from all this.

Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

From Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise                Under the soloist, I am in the 2nd row down, 2nd from the right


Virtual Choir 4
(watching screen shots by Elisabeth)

To be seen,
to be seen singing,

to allow
sounds to emerge

and release,
to take the step

driven to connect
or belong or create

a tiny piece of beauty,

To open heart
and mouth,

let energy go forth
melding with others

in the same quest,

To strive and persist,
to learn and teach,

to wait for the outcome,

To join without boundaries,
to encourage, to support,

to accept grace and be

To demonstrate flight,
each a feather on a wing,

at least a little bit…

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2013

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5 thoughts on “All Together: Virtual Choir 4

  1. Elisabeth

    I’m speechless! This is so wonderful because it’s exactly what I was feeling ALL the times I have looked at each frame of the video. Thank you Margaret!

  2. Margaret Dubay Mikus

    Thanks, MaryAnn, for your comment. You are such an encouraging woman! I am so glad you resonated with it, Elisabeth! (Maybe I was channeling your energy some. We do live very close…)

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