More Testimonials

“I gave [As Easy as Breathing] to my mom [diagnosed with breast cancer] yesterday, with an invitation to my healing circle. She has agreed to go after reading in your book about your journey and your willingness to reach out to “alternative” things like reiki and yoga….Just wanted to say thank you, your inspiration is guiding her steps.”Ginger S.

“Your book is just wonderful! I am very proud of…all you have been able to accomplish and the style with which you have been able to heal. And now you are helping so many others.” Mikki G., oncology RN

“I just want to tell you how much my classes appreciated your poetry sessions. They have added such a dimension to their views of poetry reading and poetry writing.” Anne B., seventh grade teacher

“The message of your poetry and experiences was so powerful. The women who came were very appreciative and enjoyed the poetry very much.” Marci L., support group coordinator

“I started to read [As Easy as Breathing] and the messages…were ones of tremendous courage, strength, dedication and a strong will. You are truly an example of inspiration.” Lena D.J.

“Thank you so much for sharing your poetry and skills with the class. We all enjoyed it. Students were discussing their pieces after you left (one on one).” Mary B., fourth grade teacher

I pick up [As Easy as Breathing] and read then put it down for days and come back to it. I can find something meaningful every time. I marked ‘We are so fearful of death, that we cheat life.’ Where did you get so wise?” Vera N.

“I thought you would like this. My [14 year-old] daughter is studying poetry and [for an assignment] ended up picking three of your poems [from As Easy as Breathing] to illustrate how she had learned not to be afraid of change.” Karen M.

“Thanks for a wonderfully insightful evening. You have so many offerings for the world.” ” Thank you for being a bright, shining, loving energy in this crazy human existence.” Tricia H.

“Your poem [‘Mantles of Transformation’] is beautiful. You have expressed exactly what we have all gone through in this process of creation. What a gift.” Jan G.

“Once you sent me a collection of poems you wrote, and I’ve kept them for inspiration.” Nicole R.

“The students and I enjoyed your lovely poetry readings and the insightful discussions.” Jane D., jr. high-schoolteacher

“What a great book, read it in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Margaret you truly have a gift. I have a couple friends fighting cancer with me that I want to buy [As Easy as Breathing] for them too. I’m sure I’ll refer back to it from time to time.” Patty R.

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