Week of Aug 29, 2016

To Hammer

Love to hammer
to make noise
the immediacy
of pounding in a nail
of fixing something
making something

creation in action.
The heft of the hammer
in right hand.
I was the only one
who took a hammer to college
just in case.

I still have it
small, useful
scarred by the years.
Other heavier hammers
more impressive
and powerful came along

but the beauty of that first one….
Now joints and bones
can no longer absorb the hits
without a murmur.
My serious hammering days are over.
I may allow a tap, tap

to put up a picture
nail the hanger into soft drywall.
But not arm ricocheting off
unyielding hardwood.

If I am smart
those days are over.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
© 2011

From Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine

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