Now is the time to figure out what you are here for in this life, if you don’t already know. To step forward not knowing everything at the beginning, gathering to you all resources, encouragement, and support. Discern what brings you energy, what causes energy to leak away from you. Make positive choices, trusting and patient. Be kind. Use inevitable obstacles as chances to learn and grow and heal. Keep moving forward, one step, then another, and another…. The world needs the gifts you bring. Let me know how it goes.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the publication of As Easy as Breathing, for the coming year all the Poems of the Week (look left) are from that book. Enjoy! More recent poems and writing can be found on my blog.

I trust all is well. Have fun exploring FullBlooming.com!


Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.D.



Better and Better

Prayer of Lovingkindness

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So excited to tell you! My book, “Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine: Poems of Grace, Hope, and Healing” is a Finalist for a Midwest Book Award (In the Health category). Yay! I’m trying to decide if I should drive up to St. Paul, MN with my husband for the Awards Gala next month. It […]

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A 5 star review of Thrown again into the Frazzle Machine: Poems of Grace, Hope, and Healing on Amazon: “This wonderful book of poems touches me, speaks to me, knows me….Each poem becomes a gift for my healing on all levels. Randomly opening the book and reading the poems on the nearby pages is a […]