What is your life purpose? Now is the time to figure out it out, if you don’t already know. Step forward not knowing everything at the beginning, gathering all resources, encouragement, and support to you. FullBlooming.com may help. What brings you energy, what causes energy to leak away from you? Take the time to notice. Make positive choices, trusting and patient. Be kind. Use inevitable obstacles as chances to learn and grow and heal. Keep moving forward, one small step, then another, and another…. Gather support. Remember, the world needs the gifts you bring. Let me know how it goes.

Thrilled to tell you that my new collection: Transcending Boundaries: Inspired by Eric Whitacre and Virtual Choir is now out!! In paperback so far.

Check out my videos of poems from Thrown Again into the Frazzle Machine and my other books, including #54, 57, and 61 from Transcending Boundaries.

The Poem of the Week is from Transcending Boundaries.

More poems, photographs, and writing can be found on my blog.


Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.D.

Lovely radio interview of me by Celeste Quinn on WILL-AM (an NPR station) in 2004. From the Afternoon Magazine Archives. Very interesting callers.


Better and Better

Prayer of Lovingkindness

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A poem from Transcending Boundaries: Inspired by Eric Whitacre and Virtual Choir (mentioned in a new 5-star review by Corina Luna Dea–see below): 2/7/14 Wanting to Help But Stymied After meeting Eric W. I cannot unravel the mystery for you, I cannot heal your harsh lessons or gentle ones, I can only say what is […]

Photos of the Children

6/10/18 Photos of the Children from many stories posted on Facebook I refuse to be sad and helpless as my only human choice I refuse to be angry burning to impotent cinders when I see the children lined up in orange rows stripped of mothers, protectors young innocents in cages When I see freight cars […]