Church Window


Some times
in certain slant
of light,
one can see
full in detail
rich in contrast
with the white mass.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
Copyright © 1996

Bridge Reflection

Cast Off

I am ready
to cast off

cast off coats
cast off cold
cast off the mask
of the outcast.

I am ready
to cast off

loose the line
rev the motor
slip into gear
and go.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
Copyright © 1996

Cloud Dancer

To Dance Is to Be

(Thank You Hubbard Street Dance)

To dance is to fly
is to sing with every muscle

is to be fluid
no waste

is to be rhythmic
and graceful.

To dance is to cry
out and in

with every muscle
with every grin or grimace.

To dance is to celebrate
to let out the gift within,

to shout with joy
in every movement,

to pair or part
to dance alone

to be with great company.
To dance is to sing,

joy and sorrow in every muscle,
to be fully human…

to be soaring light.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
Copyright © 1997

Walk Left, Stand Right


do we usually
have to be desperate
before we are willing
to make a change?

Why do we have to be
so miserable for so long
and even then many
won’t make a change?

Try it, you may like it.
If not, change again.
Put in some thought and heart
and just make a change.

Any change will do to start.
We are designed to grow and change.
Our first two dozen years
are filled with change
and then…

many settle for what they’ve got,
inside and out, and only grow
at the midline. Be bold,
take a risk, make a change.

I dare you-
O.K., double dare you.

Margaret Dubay Mikus
Copyright © 1996